How to correctly measure before ordering foam

If you can take the existing foam out of the cushion cover then simply measure front to back then side to side and finally the thickness.

Please note: you will need to measure the back of the seat cushion (the bit that is never sat on) to gauge the correct thickness as the front of the seat cushion is the part that compresses significantly less.

If you can only measure the cushion covers then lay flat the cover, measure from seam to seam, front to back and side to side. Once you have measured the cusion add on 12mm more than seam to seam side to side and 12mm more front to back. On the thickness, allow 1 more than seam to seam for the new foam to fit correctly.

If these procedures are not followed correctly the foam will not fit the cover. J & W Ham will not accept responsibility for any incorrect measurements. The foams will arrive finished with a dacron wrap and stockinette so will not be able to be altered without further costs.

We include dacron and stockinette as standard for all our foam.


Enter the size of the foam you wish to purchase in to the calculator to work out the total cost including postage and VAT.

Any specific cutting requirements can be entered into the Paypal purchase notes or you can give us a call to discuss.

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Total cost including VAT £


We are in the process of setting up internet payments but until this is complete please call to purchase foam. Tel: 01253 302 164