Standard Foam

This is a medium density, high resilient foam that is available in a firm and medium densities. It is a multi-purpose foam which can be used in a variety of applications including: dining chairs, days beds, window seating, garden furniture cushions, headboards and most general usages.

Reflex Foam

Reflex foam is our most popular grade of foam for all types of cushions including sofa cushion replacement caravan and boat cushions and mattresses. The Reflex foam provides luxurious comfort when used in seating and is available in a soft medium and a firm density. Reflex foam is designed to regain its shape even after years use and this is why it is perfect for all types of seating. The soft density is superb for replacing fibre or feather cushion backs in sofas as well as a very soft feel seat if that is what you require. The foam regains its shape so there will be no need for the constant "plumping up" that is associated with fibre or feather cushions. The medium and firm densities are particularly popular for sofa seat cushions as they provide excellent support and comfort, they immediately return to their original shape after use on and both provide excellent comfort and support.